It's winter time!

It snowed all night from yesterday afternoon.

I woke up, looking at the white campus and its surrounding.

Indeed it's pretty but the thought of snow falling all the way till the end of March gives me the shudders. I'm freezing~!

Oh well. I shall embrace the moment(s) -___-

It's snowing time!

I heard that the first snow fall this year in Akita was around 3AM yesterday night, when almost everyone was deep in slumberland.

It snowed again this morning at around 7.15AM for 15 minutes. Yes...I was still asleep then. Usually wakes up at 7AM but I've been gettin up late these days.

I missed the snow today.

There'd be MUCH more to come, I believe.

Afterall, 2 years ago, it accumulated up to 3 metres in some places in Akita.

Yeah...I'd be waiting :D

Trivia about Akita

1. It has lots of bears and snakes. I've seen a snake in one of the shrines I visites. And I heard that someone has been killed while walking alone in a densely vegetated area. Well, in fact, most area in Akita are vegetated.

2. Akita has the highest suicide rate in Japan. Now, I would love to know why it is so.


Some of you might have been waiting for the longest time for my entries. Gomen m(_ _)m I'm not as busy as you think, just lazy...haha~ Seriously, I really love the life here in Akita, even though most of the time you can only see paddy fields and gotta take around an hour to get to the city by bus and train. What's more, Akita men are droolicious. HEH.

I have uploaded some pictures in my facebook so if you have an account there, you might take a peek. I will still be updating this journal but just a warning, there'd be nothing longer than what you'd be expecting. Yeah, I AM this lazy.

Okay, I gotta kill time and wait for my Ikebana class to start ^___^

Here it is

The wind is blowing so hard.

The typhoon might arrive in Akita tomorrow. Hopefully. So I can go to the samurai village on Saturday. Boo for rainy days.


Yay. I've been selected for the overnight trip & workshop between the international students and the Akita residents in the northern part of Akita. Gonna meet up with students from various universities in Akita too.

Hopefully the cute guy from the office is coming along.

*cross fingers*


My address in Japan:

Komachi Hall Room #422,
193-3, Okutsubakidai, Tsubakigawa, Yuwa
Akita City, Akita 010-1211


So if you want to send me anything, please do so.
And in the case that you want to send me financial aid, tell me and I'd gladly tell you my bank account...haha~

I guess I'd try to extend my stay here, maybe for another semester. Will update again.

The moment is here

Reality slowly sinks in. It finally dawns upon me that in a few hours' time, I'd be leaving Singapore. It'd be the longest time I'm leaving this place ever since I moved here from Jakarta 12 years ago. Anyway, it's just 4-5 months. Hope I'd have a blast there. Minus the studying. Ugh.

Watched "Hairspray" with Hajar yesterday. It's a very good movie that would plaster smile across your face throughout. John Travolta is amazingly good in drag. And Zac Efron...oh Zac... Thought he's quite cute in "High School Musical" but he's even better here! Too bad I won't be able to catch HSM2. Go watch it!

Oh, just gotta rant about HanaKimi8 for a while. I love Sano. I love Oguri Shun even more! Was wondering what's with the childish character when he was playing with the mannequin. Nevertheless, his smile is pricelsss ^___^

To my surprise, my friends actually gave me things before I leave. Didn't expect that at all. And for that, I especially brought a big bag with me cos my luggage is bursting already. My JC friends would be sending me off at the aiport later.

Collapse )

I'd try my best to update and come online as much as possible. And with everyone's blessings, hopefully I'd be able to snag a guy over there...hoho~

Take care everyone!